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Just as healthy and productive forests are no accident, neither is your next crop of great leaders.

Leadership Expert and Forester Tom Davidson delivers a distinctive blend of leadership services that combines years of experience in natural resources with expertise in forestry and natural resources, manufacturing, communication, human resources, organization development, and team development.

As a result, Leadership Nature is a one-of-a-kind source for helping new managers hit the ground running, keeping valued executives on track, and accelerating teams and teamwork for natural resource professionals.

You Need Us When

  • People have been promoted for their individual accomplishments and technical skills, not their leadership abilities.
  • Your best employees start looking and leaving, draining your talent pipeline.
  • The cost of replacing failed managers has become untenable, beginning at 150% of salary for each failure.
  • Morale and engagement has started to crater, and you face years of recovery time.
  • Senior leaders spend valuable time on high-maintenance managers who cause more problems than they solve.
  • Opportunity costs have started to pile up as legal, human resources and other departments are called in.
  • It has taken months to discover the depth of the problem, more months to document the problem and even more months to do something about it.
  • Productivity has fallen or flattened, and the problem has become hard to hide.
    Little or no preparation has been given to people moving into leadership roles.
  • New managers have been thrown into important positions to sink or swim, without tools or support.

You can’t afford this and you don’t have to.

Featured Clients

Leadership Nature works with a wide variety of natural resources agencies, companies, non-profits and associations, as well as clients from many other sectors of the economy, such as healthcare, hospitality, financial and energy sectors. Here are some examples of natural resource clients.

About Tom Davidson, CSP

Tom Davidson, CSP, PCC, SPHR is a forester and leadership expert who has coached hundreds of new managers, emerging leaders, and senior executives in the private and public sector.

Having grown from forester to vice president of human resources and organization development, Tom learned leadership from the ground up and now helps leaders and their organizations make similarly successful transitions.

Tom’s formal education includes BS degrees in forestry and agricultural economics from North Carolina State University, an MBA from the University of Richmond, and an MS in organization development from The American University and NTL Institute in Washington, DC. He also serves on the Adjunct Faculty at North Carolina State University’s College of Natural Resources for his leadership and communication expertise.

Tom’s operations experience includes mature, fast-growth, turn around, downsizing and greenfield startups situations. He is also a former trail guide, survival instructor, fire fighter, forester, columnist, and radio talk show host.

Tom is co-founder and past-president of the International Coach Federation, Virginia Chapter, and past-president of the National Speakers Association in Virginia.

In addition, he is certified in a wide range of assessment instruments and has earned the professional designations of Senior Professional in Human Resources, Professional Certified Coach and Certified Speaking Professional, the only known leadership professional in the world to hold all three of these certifications.

Tom is the author of The 8 Greatest Mistakes New Managers Make: Surviving Your Transition to a Leadership Position and co-author of the RangeFinder: The Leadership DISC Profile for Natural Resource Professionals.