Leadership and the Ecosystems of Small Towns (part 2 of 5)

By Tom Davidson

What every proactive leader must do to build connections…step 2!

Taking a cue from small towns, there are five categories of things every leader can do to build connections among people. The following acronym for what you can do spells “Main St.” for a reason. Here’s the second: 

“A” is for Affiliate – Small-town livers affiliate with one another by joining civic clubs, umpiring sports leagues, and serving on committees. You can do the same thing in the workplace by 

1. Affiliating with their hobbies and interests. Find out where your hobbies and interests intersect and share information and resources.

2. Affiliating with their charitable and community work. Find ways to support the causes and organizations that are important to your people.

3. Affiliating with what they want to see made better in the workplace. Discover what interests them about improving the workplace, and join or champion those causes.

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