Next-Generation Strategies – Attract and Hire for Fit

By Tom Davidson

Strategy #1 for Motivating and Mobilizing the Next Generation

Attract and Hire for Fit – “Motivational fit” is at the root of job satisfaction, and this starts with good hiring. High-value next-generation employees are changing jobs every 18 months, and the best ones start looking for their next job within days of beginning their current one. Here are three ways to do so:

1. Find and market to your targeted talent pool, the ones who best fit your profile; be proud of the benefits and differences you offer to attract the people who will do best in your environment.

2. Make your expectations clear during the hiring process; enable prospects to meet with associates and voluntarily select out of the process.

3. Employ behavioral interviewing, which improves interviewing results by orders of magnitude over non-structured interviews with almost no additional cost, other than training and practice.

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