Thanks Giving at Work – Because…

By Tom Davidson

There is one word that is sometimes missing from our lexicon when giving thanks. It’s the word, “because.”

What better time to think about how we thank others than on Thanksgiving, celebrated this week in the United States and October in Canada. While many of us enjoy bountiful meals, loving families and football, others of us must settle for less food, shelter, safety, and love than they deserve. I hope those people find small and great things to be thankful for as most of us take our comfort and protection largely for granted.

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday because it can include everyone. I am most grateful for my wife’s love and support because she gives my life meaning. I am also thankful to the veterans and those currently serving in our Armed Forces and Security Forces because they make it possible for us to sleep at night and work in the day as we wish. I am grateful to my clients and readers because you allow me to do what I love while earning a living at the same time.

Unfortunately, even our best “thanks” don’t have the impact they should or that we intend. Compare the following thank you comments and ask yourself which one would have the greater impact:

  • “Thanks, Patrick, for that great presentation and team leadership at CLI!”
  • “Thanks, Patrick, for that great presentation and team leadership at CLI, because you made a difficult workshop fun and memorable with your positive, high-energy, can-do spirit.”

The difference is the word because and what came afterwards. So, the next time you say thank you, add the word “because,” and fill in the blank with the reason for your thanks. You’ll enjoy giving thanks, and your praise will stick like glue.

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Showing that you care is the difference between being a good manager and being a great leader, and it’s the nature of leadership.

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