By Tom Davidson

A little something to appreciate all your neighbors, from the words of my grandfather. 

The response was so great to last week’s poems by my grandfather with lessons in life and leadership that I’m sharing a few more this week to compliment the Holidays.  These are among hundreds of poems passed down through my family to yours. Please enjoy his wisdom and share it with credit to him. May you have and be the role model he was to my family and me.

by Robert Harsha Davidson (1890-1983)

Among the blessing passed my way,
Is one I value more and more.
For there is naught that can repay,
The kindness of the folks next door.

My joys they share,
My griefs their own.
Unselfish to the very core.
But life is sweeter having known.
The goodness of the folks next door.

Oh Neighborliness seems to be,
About the best of friendship’s store.
So my I live that folks will see,
In me a neighbor just next door.

©  2013 The Family of Robert Harsha Davidson. All rights reserved.

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