Somethin’ Else to Do

By Tom Davidson

So glad you all enjoyed a little bit of my history last week! This week I will share some more writings from my grandfather with you! 

The response was so great to last week’s poems by my grandfather with lessons in life and leadership that I’m sharing a few more this week to compliment the Holidays.  These are among hundreds of poems passed down through my family to yours. Please enjoy his wisdom and share it with credit to him. May you have and be the role model he was to my family and me.

Somethin’ Else to Do
by Robert Harsha Davidson, circa 1930 

Jimmie Johnson’s Daddy is an
Awful lot of fun –
He’s a peacherino pitcher and can
Hit a real homerun.
I know my Dad could play as well
But when I ast him to,
He is always awful busy and got
Somethin’ else to do.

Jimmie Johnson’s Daddy knows
A lot of dandy games –
And he plays ‘em with us fellers
And he don’t call Jimmie “James.”
I’ll bet my Dad knows lot of things
That’s fun for fellers, too –
But he’s always awful busy and got
Somethin’ else to do.

Some kids’ Dads seem glad to have
A chance to play with boys –
Even if they’re readin’, they
Don’t mind a little noise –
I’ll bet my Dad would beat ‘em all
If he just only knew
How I miss him when he’s busy and
Got somethin’ else to do!

©  2013 The Family of Robert Harsha Davidson. All rights reserved.

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