Your Boss

By Tom Davidson

In this blog series, I share with you some poems from my grandfather, passed down and on. Hope you enjoy! 

At this time of Thanksgiving and the Holidays, this blog series is a tribute to my grandfather, Robert Harsha Davidson, and a sharing of some lessons in life and leadership passed down among hundreds of poems through my family to yours. Please enjoy his wisdom and share it with credit to him. May you have and be the role model he was to my family and me.

Your Boss
by Robert Harsha Davidson

Whom do you work for?  The boss?  Ah, no!
He merely points you the way to go.
He sets up the tasks that you’re hired to do,
But he isn’t really the boss of YOU. 

Whom do you work for?  The boss of the boss?
The company handing your paycheck across?
You owe them the best that you have, ‘tis true,
But neither one claims to be boss of YOU.

Whom do you work for?  Yourself, my friend.
From morning’s light ‘til the day’s dark end,
And the boss that you finally answer to
Is nobody else in the world but YOU.

©  2013 The Family of Robert Harsha Davidson. All rights reserved.

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