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Vision Scorecard

The Vision Scorecard has two parts, a crystal‐clear vision statement that describes what success looks like in 3, 5 or 10 years, and a mechanism for measuring progress toward that desired state. The vision statement itself, if developed properly, is one of the most important tools for mobilizing and influencing a team or organization, but is can be just another time-consuming exercise unless the group has some accountability and that means a way of measuring progress.  

The Vision Statement itself is a detailed description of the future, including what the new situation will look like, how people will be working, what they will be doing, and what results they will be achieving. To create a shared vision, the team should work as individuals, then as a group.   

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Timelines for Teams

Timelines are visual depictions of a group’s history, and they can be helpful to a team in a number of ways, including:

  • Orienting new members or incoming leaders as to the team’s history
  • Revealing how a team has overcome adversity over me
  • Celebrating a team’s progress or record of success 
  • Projecting milestones to ensure agreement and get the team “on the same page”

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Team Effectiveness Inventory

The Team Effectiveness Inventory is an effective way to check the health and productivity of a work group. The anonymity of a written survey allows people to answer more openly and honestly, so the results are more valid.  

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Setting Good Goals

Teams need goals to focus energy, prioritize resources, and break complex tasks into manageable parts. But teams rarely set practical or well‐aligned goals, thus wasting their time and resources. To help your team stay on track, use their time efficiently, and feel more motivated by their short‐term accomplishment, focus on goal setting.

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Root Cause Analysis

Well‐intentioned, knowledgeable people often leap to conclusions about a problem and end up solving the wrong issue. While their knowledge and speed may look efficient and productive at the time, they often end up wasting time and other resources, having to solve the same problem over and over again.

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