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Accelerating Future Leaders

Get your leaders up to speed and down to business fast with training and development options that are effective for you, worthwhile for them, and relevant to the on-the-ground situations they face every day.

The Supervisor Survival System™

The Supervisor Survival System™ is the easy-access, content-rich, real-time and affordable preparation program that accelerates, catches up and equips frontline supervisors with what they must know - and do - to make a successful leap to leadership.

  • First-line supervisors have the greatest impact on employee morale, productivity and turnover, but they get the least preparation for their jobs.
  • The technical skills that made your individual contributors great do not predict success as leaders and are not what they need to be great supervisors.
  • Studies show that we wait too long to train leaders, and until your supervisors get the basic training they need, they will be winging it and ingraining bad habits.
You Need The Supervisor Survival System™ When:
  • Your bench strength of ready leaders is dangerously thin after years of cost cutting, and your experienced supervisors are retiring faster than you can replace them.
  • Your new supervisors are constantly putting out fires and causing more problems than they solve, but their supervisors have little time to develop them fast enough.
  • Your supervisors work in remote locations with high demands, small budgets and long travel distances that make traditional forms of training almost impossible to use.

Supervisor Mentoring

Supervisor Mentoring is a one-to-one development process to slingshot high-potential, recently promoted or experienced-but-derailing supervisors who need additional, personal or customized support to be the leaders you need them to be - sooner rather than later.

  • Even the best leadership training may not “stick” sufficiently without immediate application and on-the-job support when applying key principles to the real world.
  • Every leader and supervisory role is unique, so one-to-one mentoring allows for differences in learning styles, fast-changing priorities and customized service.
  • One-to-one mentoring ensures the greatest flexibility for field-based supervisors who are unable to meet the scheduled sessions of The Supervisor Survival System™.
You Need Supervisor Mentoring When:
  • Your supervisors need no non-sense insights about their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots so that they can better grow their range of skills and perspectives.
  • You have high-value, high-visibility supervisors who cannot afford to stumble, take too long to development or get needed results in their current roles.
  • You have supervisors who need someone to hold them especially accountable and keep them in action, but you don’t have enough time for this more personal attention.

Leadership Academies

Leadership Academies are comprehensive and customized multi-day programs for small cohort groups at the same organization to get your new managers up to speed and down to business - in person and together.

  • 40% of new managers fail within their first 18 months on the job.
  • Failed managers leave a costly legacy of low productivity, poor morale and high turnover, and just replacing them costs about 150% of their salary.
  • Poorly trained new managers drain the time and energy of their superiors and cause more people problems than they solve.
You Need a Leadership Academy When:
  • Your bench strength of ready leaders is dangerously thin after years of cost cutting, downsizing, and “lean and mean” staffing levels.
  • Your business is growing (and/or your “Boomers” are retiring) so fast that you have to bring up a new crop of supervisors in a hurry.
  • Your current supervisors have old-school management styles but are leading the newest generations of workers and volunteers.

Individual Executive Development

Individual Executive Development is the laser-focused option for getting a senior leader from where they are to where they need to be in the shortest time. Don’t let your managers’ blind spots become spot fires that turn into more serious performance problems. Use Individual Executive Development to keep your senior leaders on track and accelerate the growth of your next generation to the next level.

  • Neglected leadership skills at one level often become derailers at the next, multiplying the impact of poor behaviors and bad results from the top down.
  • At some point in their careers, experienced managers stop getting honest feedback on their performance or don’t think they have to adapt like others.
  • An objective and skilled third party is often needed to get through to tough-minded senior leaders who are unaware of (or don’t care about) their impacts.
You Need Individual Executive Development When:
  • You have senior managers who have been promoted several times for their technical skills but their idiosyncrasies have started to diminish their credibility, impact or results.
  • You lack internal resources who are sufficiently trained, experienced or politically savvy in dealing with executive performance problems.
  • You have important, high-visibility or high-risk leadership roles that need to be filled quickly by replacement managers who are are still not fully ready at the time of promotion.