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Regenerating Meetings and Events

Accomplish your meeting goals with a one-stop speaker, facilitator, trainer and emcee who knows forestry and natural resources, your audience, and leadership from the ground up.

Innovative Keynotes and Workshops

Innovative keynotes and workshops turn ho-hum conferences into engaging, eye-opening, content-rich, entertaining and memorable opportunities to make your points and change the way people think and work long after the event is over.

  • When you bring your people together in one place, you can’t afford not to get the most out of their time, the organization’s money and your sweat equity in the result.
  • Meetings and events are special opportunities to reinforce clear and important messages, get people excited or build working relationships.
  • Without innovative programs and workshops, people admit to daydreaming, going online and even falling asleep (39% in one study).
You Need Keynotes & Workshops When:
  • You need to change the way people think, act or feel about a subject.
  • You want people to pay attention, get involved and take away something new.
  • You need to kick off a new initiative, deepen a culture change or reinforce an important organization-wide initiative.
  • You want to bring in an outside perspective on a hot topic and make sure people get something fresh, exciting or innovative.
  • You need to accelerate the application of a particular leadership skill or concept.

Large Group Facilitation

Large Group Facilitations get people to role up their sleeves on difficult, new or fractious topics so that you maximize the chance of earning ownership and getting people to take new action back on the job.

  • Whatever you want to communicate, mobilize or change gets diluted each time it passes through multiple layers of management.
  • Getting a large number of people truly engaged in a subject can take a very long time and may never happen if it’s done in dribs and drabs from the top down.
  • The only way to get buy-in is by building ownership, and the only way to develop ownership is by getting people really involved.
You Need Large Group Facilitation When:
  • You have a significant change in strategy that affects not only what your people do but how they do it.
  • You need to start changing the culture of your business or agency in a hurry.
  • You want to get the whole organization involved at once, partly because the problem lies in the layers of management between you and the rest of the organization.
  • You are the new owner, CEO or senior leader, and you want to get your feet wet in a hurry, take the pulse of the organization, gather input or insights and/or get everyone on the same page fast.

Leader Labs

Leader Labs are another dramatic alternative to “Death by PowerPoint” because they provide a series of real-brief, real-time and real-relevant case studies in leadership directly from the audience to the stage.

  • People want more than talking heads and theories; they want practical advice and relevant tools they can use immediately.
  • Next to experiencing something themselves, there is nothing more powerful than real-life examples from the field that the audience has experienced themselves – or soon will.
  • People ignore theory and resent being talked down to; they would rather be respected and involved when learning something new.
You Need Leader Labs When:
  • You want people to walk away with personal insights that apply directly to them.
  • You need to offer a change of pace during your event so that your audience is stimulated and interested by a variety of delivery mechanisms.
  • You want to guarantee customized content, because every Leader Lab is different, depending upon who is in the room and what challenges they are facing.
  • Your audience is full of “doers,” no non-sense people who have been there and done that, but they haven’t done this.

The Emcee

The Emcee (or Master of Ceremonies) for your special event is the glue that holds your conference together on stage from start to finish, the tour guide who transitions the audience from one phase to the next, and the entertainer who makes it a fun overall experience.

  • People want more than a series of strung together presentations; they want a cohesive and memorable experience.
  • Audiences need a frequent change of pace during a long program, and an experienced emcee gives comic relief as well as practical transition points that cleverly reinforce the conference theme, key points and objectives.
  • An Emcee from outside the organization can add a sense of celebrity and add more humor than someone from senior leadership or the human resource department.
You Need The Emcee When:
  • You don’t want to, can’t or shouldn’t be The Emcee yourself.
  • You want to add a layer of entertainment to what would otherwise be a series of boring PowerPoint slides, lists of recognition recipients, and interminably long walks to the stage.
  • You want to carry the theme of your conference right through to the grand finale and make the event a memory more than just a meeting.