For Teams


Igniting Leadership Teams

Get your leadership teams, task forces and operating committees pulling in the same direction, solving the right problems, and getting the results you need so you can spend your time putting out other, bigger fires.

Teams on Track

Teams on Track puts your team “in the garage” for an overdue checkup by a specialized mechanic to tweak your team’s running performance, fix what’s broken, and teach you how to assess and solve problems in the future. Teams on Track is perfect for team start ups, team tune ups and team turn arounds.

  • Just like vehicles that are driven hard for many months, if work teams don’t pull into the garage periodically, they will break down; it’s just a matter of time.
  • You can’t afford the on-going conflict, politics and drama that creep into teams and lead to false starts, rework and missed results.
  • Without an objective process and process leader, team members have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees.
You Need Teams on Track When:
  • Your team is taking on a new, more important or higher-visibility projects where you can’t afford distractions and dysfunctions.
  • You have had significant change in the makeup of your leadership team, are facing new challenges or are dealing with significant culture change.
  • Your people are dropping balls, stepping on each other’s toes or pointing fingers, and it’s becoming visible to others.

Teamwork Training

Team work differs from individual work for a reason, and not every individual contributor is equipped to operate successfully in a team environment. Teamwork Training provides the tools, perspectives and principles that every team member needs to move from individual contributor to team player.

  • Contemporary organizations depend on high-functioning teams and teamwork to get things done, but most technical experts have little inclination to working in groups.
  • 89% of well-educated, well-equipped, and well-paid team members still fail to work effectively as high-performing teams.
  • Even individual experts who want to make teams work don’t always make good team players without additional skills and new behaviors.
You Need Teamwork Training When:
  • You are moving from an individual- to a team-oriented workplace and reward structure.
  • Your organization is moving to teams as a necessity because of downsizing, cost-cutting or culture change.
  • Your current teams, committee and task forces fall short of needed results, either in what they are getting accomplished or how they are going about their work.

Strategic Planning

It is hard to be strategic when your hair is on fire. Most organizations and teams are so busy getting through the day that they eventually lose sight of their longer-term goals and objectives. Strategic planning gets leadership teams back to focusing on the critical few factors that will help them get from where they are to where they need to be.

  • Setting direction is the #1 responsibility of senior leadership.
  • What got you here won’t get you there. (Goldsmith)
  • Plans are nothing but planning is everything. (Eisenhower)
You Need Strategic Planning When:
  • You and your leaders disagree on priorities, how you will reach them, or where to allocated time, money and people.
  • Your leaders have different visions of the future, and as a result, they are pulling in different directions..
  • You have done things very much the same way for years, and people have fallen into routines and routine ways of thinking.