Student Series | Featuring current students and recent graduates in forestry and natural resource programs across the country, sharing their experiences, perspectives and advice for prospective students considering undergraduate or graduate programs that lead to working in and working for the great outdoors | Episode 1

#119 | Getting to work outdoors and starting a career right after you graduate in forestry

July 10, 2019 | Elaine Snowberger

Recent Clemson University graduate Elaine Snowberger kicks off a new Special Series of the Leadership Nature Podcast, this one focusing on students and recent graduates of our Nation’s forestry and natural resource programs. In this episode, Elaine shares her journey to and through her forestry program and already stepping into her first job right after school. She also shares some of the benefits of joining her forestry club, why she loves being part of the Clemson University family, and her advice for succeeding at your school of choice. Stay tuned for future features on diverse students and schools of forestry!

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] A message from Leadership Nature.

[1:55] A quick intro about Elaine’s background.

[3:10] What got Elaine interested in forestry?

[6:55] Elaine shares what her experience at the Clemson Forestry Club was like.

[9:45] Elaine was elected treasurer of the club, then she went on to be vice president and president of the club.

[10:10] In timber sports, Elaine mainly did crosscut events.

[12:00] What are some of the benefits of being in the forestry club?

[16:20] Elaine loves being part of forestry and the Clemson family.

[20:35] Elaine shares how she found her first job in forestry and forest products.

[23:10] What advice does Elaine have for new students?

[24:50] Don’t be afraid to job shadow industry professionals!

[26:45] Elaine has made a good impression, being seen as a leader to her peers.

[29:45] What were some of the most memorable courses Elaine had in school?

Mentioned in This Episode:

For more informatin on Clemson University and the Department of Forestty, Conservation and Environmental Conservation, visit here.

For more information on Atlanta Hardwood Corporation visit here

Learn all about the Society of American Foresters here

Connect with Elaine on Linkedin here

Elaine and her crosscut partner, Colby Benfield, whom she competed with for three years

Elaine with US Secretary of Agribulture Sonny Perdue whom she met with to advocate for forestry issues

Elaine and Nathen Hilley at the Clemson University Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation booth at the 2019 APSAF Winter Meeting in Wilmington, NC




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