Season 9 - South Carolina Tree Farmers - Land of Legacy Series | Episode 2

#158 | Keep the land together; keep the family together

January 21, 2021 | Pat Dorn

On this, the second episode of the Land of Legacy series, Tom and Emily travel to the banks of the Broad River with Pat Dorn, a SC Tree Farmer and investment advisor, who may just inspire you to buy some forest land of your own. As you listen to his story, you will hear for yourself his clear-headed thinking, his soothing voice of experience, and the twinkle in his eye as he talks about growing the land, the forest, and the family all at the same time.

Pat Dorn started from scratch. With a shovel, some seedlings, and a dose of ambition, he grew his investment over time into what is now 2,600 acres of his own forest land. To Pat, investment isn’t just about stocks and bonds, it’s about his forest, career, family, and future. Pat and his father began their Legacy by purchasing a small 8-10 acre tract of land over 50 years ago. Since then, Pat has learned how to transform cheap, poor-quality land into something altogether beautiful, healthy, and valuable. Not to mention, Pat has won several awards and recognitions for this very reason and is a long-standing leader among the forest industry community. Now, Pat makes family forestry easier and smarter for others with advice from decades of on-the-ground experience, advice from other professionals and colleagues, and advice from an expert and professional investment advisor – himself – Founder of Anchor Investments.

Because of his humility, hard-working nature, and unbelievable talent as a true steward of the land, Pat became the South Carolina Tree Farmer of the Year in 2017. It’s no wonder that Pat’s clear-headed thinking, soothing voice of experience, and passion for the land make him a perfect addition to this Land of Legacy podcast series.

Listen now, and share this series with others, who – like our SC Tree Farmers – love the land and put the family in family forestry!

Navigation Points:

[1:35] You find Tom and Emily with legacy Tree Farm owner Pat Dorn as they walk along the Broad River in South Carolina.

[2:40] How did Pat get into Tree Farming?

[4:50] Pat remembers fondly planting trees with his Dad and how they were able to turn previously unproductive land into a profit.

[6:00] When Pat was in his early 20s, he bought the worst land available, because he knew how to get forestry and financial assistance.

[7:40] Timberland is a long-term investment that requires a long-term mindset.

[6:40] After 40 years, these sub-par lands look fantastic now. Hard work pays off.

[8:40] Pat leases some his land to hunting groups, which further helps care for the land and increases his return on investment.

[10:00] So many people want to have 50 or 100 acres in the country, but most are not willing to do the work to care for the land.

[10:50] What lessons did Pat learn from his Dad about the outdoors?

[12:50] Pat shares a little bit about his family and his three children.

[18:10] The best money Pat has spent was on consulting foresters, because they do this every day and know what to do.

[19:50] When you have woodlands, it’s important to have a road system on your property. Good access pays off in the long run.

[22:50] Land is going to get more and more valuable in South Carolina.

[24:45] What should you think about when you’re about to buy land?

[27:40] Pat and Jane show Emily the beautiful furniture in their home that came from trees right on their own property!

[36:15] Don’t ask everyone for advice. Find the most qualified expert, ask them, sleep on their advice, and then decide what do to.

[39:55] Pat thinks of his forester like a doctor who has the training and expertise to help landowners.

[42:50] What Pat gets from Tree Farming and why others should get into it as well.

[45:20] Pat talks about his lovely wife Jane, her love, and her support. It’s hard to get anything done without the support of your spouse!

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Forestry Association of South Carolina

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The Center for Heirs Property Preservation

Clemson Cooperative Extension

Pat and Jane Dorn, 2017 SC Tree Farmers of the Year, Broad River, Winnsboro, South Carolina

Emily Oakman, Director of Landowner Outreach, Forestry Education and Programs at Forestry Association of South Carolina with “Bruce Wayne Oakman”




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