Season 1 | People You Should Know in Forestry and Natural Resources | Episode 15

#15 | Trust takes time to build, especially among the skeptical

January 4, 2017 | Heather Watson Druffel

Heather Watson Druffel is currently doing some fascinating forestry work at Hancock Forest Management that you might not have heard of before. Although she is an Outreach and Education Forester at Hancock Forest Management, the roles she plays are unique for most foresters and other natural resource professionals. Heather works with the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, to help develop forestry jobs and education programs for the people. Heather overseas several education programs for the tribe and is even apart of an ecotherapy program, which we will learn more about on today’s episode. Heather also discusses building trust with Native American land owners, and her insights are valuable for all of us, no matter where we work and serve.

Key Take Aways

[3:05] How did Heather get started?

[4:50] How has Heather’s role at Hancock Forest Management evolved into what it is today?

[6:40] What is ecotherapy?

[13:15] Heather feels like the rest of the world needs to know how beautiful and amazing this profession is.

[15:25] What are some good principles of leadership?

[16:45] Heather talks about the mentors throughout her career.

[18:40] What has Heather learned about trust?

[20:40] Heather is an outsider to Native American land owners. Has there been any conflict from that?

[21:15] There are 3,000 tribe members. There are high opportunities for them to distrust, based off of U.S. history alone.

[23:50] You have to be willing to form relationships, and put yourself out there.

[30:00] You also have to have a real interest in other people, and take that step by step. Little actions turn into big results over time.

[32:30] What advice does Heather have for new leaders?

[34:25] What other resources does Heather recommend, to become a better and more patient leader?

[36:15] Are leaders born or made? Heather believes it’s never one or the other.

[38:30] Tom’s Leadership Tip of the Week!

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