May 31, 2017

S2|E19: Anne Heissenbuttel – “I know what you are against, but what are you for?”

By Tom Davidson

Anne Heissenbuttel is a partner at Heissenbuttel Natural Resources Consulting. Anne’s career includes over 10 years of field forestry experience in California and more than 30 years specializing in forest policy on both the state and federal levels. In this episode, Anne talks about the difference between field forestry work and working in policy. For example, Anne speaks about the various ways in which you measure progress as a leader, especially as you ascend through various leadership roles. In contentious situations and to help keep people focused on the main mission at hand, a question she learned to ask others was, “I know what you are against, but what are you for?” Her advice? Keep focused and remember what you stand for.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] How did get Anne get started in forestry?

[8:45] Anne was the 6th woman in California to have a forester’s license.

[11:00] Anne’s boss was not happy that he had a woman working for him. He thought women didn’t belong in the woods.

[16:10] How did Anne transition from the woods into policy?

[20:55] What advice does Anne have for those who are in a transition right now?

[22:50] Anne talks about some of her mentors and the roles they’ve had on her life.

[32:20] Humor plays an important role in the workplace, but the lines between what’s appropriate vs. inappropriate can get crossed quickly.

[34:55] What’s it like, working policy in Washington, D.C.?

[41:25] What was the most fun job Anne has had over the years?

[43:20] What is Anne most proud of?

[47:55] Anne discusses where she believes the profession is headed, and the skillsets new foresters will need to have to be successful.

[54:15] Tom’s Leadership Tip of the Week!

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