Season 3 | Young Professionals in Forestry and Natural Resources | Episode 10

#45 | We need to get over the ‘we know best’ mentality and work with folks in a more inclusive way

October 11, 2017 | Werner Krueger

Werner Krueger is a field forester with the Bureau of Land Management, and he is the 2017 State Chair of the Oregon Society of American Foresters. As you will hear in this episode, Werner has a very diverse career including volunteer service for the Peace Corps. Through his many experiences, Werner firmly believes that life becomes easy when you love the work you do. In this episode, Werner discusses some of the lessons he’s learned from the Peace Corps, fire fighting, and field forestry.

Key Takeaways:

[0:40] A quick intro about Werner’s background.

[1:50] How did Werner first get started in forestry?

[8:00] As our society becomes much more urbanized, more and more people have no idea what people in forestry, natural resources, and agriculture do!

[8:35] What was it like volunteering for the Peace Corps, and what kind of lessons did Werner learn from it?

[14:45] What is Werner up to in Roseburg, Oregon right now?

[23:25] Werner’s career path is very diverse. What advice does Werner have for the young professionals out there who are interested in getting their career started?

[25:45] Werner loves what he does. When he comes home after a hard day’s work, most days he still has energy because he’s chosen work he loves to do.

[32:35] What has Werner learned about good and bad leadership?

[39:45] What advice does Werner have for young professionals entering the field?

[48:45] Werner is currently reading the book We Were Soldiers Once and Young, and he recommends it highly for the lessons in leadership.

[54:45] Tom’s Leadership Tip of the Week on Finding Your Best Fit

Mentioned in This Episode:

We Were Soldiers Once and Young, by Hal Moore and Joseph L. Galloway

Werner at Work with the saw!


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