Season 3 | Young Professionals in Forestry and Natural Resources | Episode 5

#40 | Say “yes” to everything because you never know what that will mean for your future

September 6, 2017 | Whitney Schimke

Whitney Schimke is a forestry graduate of Humboldt State University and currently works for C&D Lumber in Southern Oregon. Whitney’s parents were both foresters, but growing up, she wanted nothing to do with the profession! Over time, the forest kept calling her back, and now in her adult years she believes she has the perfect dream job, involving all aspects of harvest administration, road design, reforestation, planting, herbicide application, thinning, fertilization, and log acquisition. In this episode, Whitney discusses her experience as a young forester, the types of relationships she’s built, and why you should always be open minded to new opportunities that cross your path!

Key Takeaways:

[1:05] A quick intro about Whitney’s background.

[2:55] How did Whitney first get started in forestry?

[7:35] Whitney is working her dream job right now and loves it!

[8:00] What has been the most fun aspect of Whitney’s career so far?

[10:35] What has Whitney learned about the workplace, working as a team, and leadership?

[12:30] If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough!

[14:30] What kind of volunteer work has Whitney been part of?

[17:20] How welcoming is the forestry industry to young professionals?

[20:20] How did Whitney find her mentors?

[25:40] Always say yes to new opportunities! Fantastic things can happen in your career!

[26:35] What advice does Whitney have for young forestry professionals?

[30:15] Whitney shares her favorite quote about leadership!

[32:15] Tom’s Leadership Tip of the Week: Mistakes versus Misdeeds

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