February 13, 2019

S6|E14 Interview #125 – John Magruder, ACF, “The difference between leading and following is the view”

By Tom Davidson

John Magruder, ACF, is a forestry consultant and owner of Three Rivers Forestry in Tappahannock, Virginia. After earning his B.S. in Forest Science from Penn State, heading out west to mark timber in the San Juan Mountains, and joining the Virginia Department of Forestry for 12 years, John has been an independent consulting forester for 21 years. In addition to serving his clients’ needs in diverse ways, John also serves his community and his profession in exemplary ways, serving on his County’s Board of Supervisors and soon-to-be president of the Virginia Forestry Association. On today’s episode, John shares why it’s so important to be involved in your professional associations and involved in your community. Listen now, and subscribe today for John’s wisdom and that of others you should know in forestry and natural resources!

Key Takeaways:

[1:05] A message from Leadership Nature.

[1:45] A quick intro about John’s background.

[3:40] How did John get started in forestry?

[5:50] John wanted to be a chemical engineer at first, but after shadowing someone in the field, he decided he’d rather be a forester, instead.

[8:55] What was John’s first job in forestry like?

[12:10] When John was a junior in college, he and his team had to fight a forest fire for ten days.

[14:45] John highly recommends you join the forestry club at your school.

[16:15] Why did John switch from the Department of Forestry to his own consulting firm?

[22:50] John is an active participant in political matters and has gotten involved in legislative issues related to forestry and more.

[28:25] What kinds of mentors has John had over the years?

[33:40] What types of challenges do new forestry consultants tend to face?

[41:40] John shares his thoughts about ACF and some of its benefits.

[48:15] Good leadership means you know you’re going to make mistakes, but you also know you’re going to be learning from them.

[48:45] What skills do people in the forestry profession need to be better at?

[53:50] What kinds of challenges has John personally run into as a forestry consultant?

[56:40] What leadership lessons has John learned over the years?

[1:00:40] If you’re a young forester, get involved! As older foresters retire, that knowledge will disappear.

[1:03:05] The toughest of challenges can be solved. You’ve just got to work with it.

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